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What are “Hybrid” Annuities?

“Blended” or “linked” annuities may also be called “‘hybrid’ indexed annuities.” This is the term we coined to describe this family of annuities. Therefore, we will call them “hybrid” indexed annuities in this report.

“Hybrid” indexed annuities may offer more benefits and more enhanced benefits than certain other annuities through the purchase of various types of riders.** They also offer features that can allow the “hybrid” indexed annuity to act something like a “personal pension,” providing a lifetime income stream in retirement.

With some of the “hybrid” indexed annuities, you do not lose control of your money. Instead, you now have the ability to turn on income payments when you want them and to turn them off when they are not needed. By turning off the income payments, you could significantly reduce your taxes. Then, whenever you desire, you can turn the income payments back on. (See each annuity contract for specific features and limitations.) Depending on the length of time the income stream is turned off—as well as the features, benefits, and riders of your annuity, when you turn on income payments again later in life—those income payments could be bigger than ever!

Why You May Want To Consider Annuities

Many people don’t know all the details about annuity products. Before you purchase an annuity, you will want to know whether or not an annuity can be of benefit to you.

Annuities offer guaranteed* benefits such as security and protection for your principal, ensuring it will be there for future use.

An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company which promises to provide an income stream at a future date for the current premium(s) paid. An annuity can be a good choice for you if you are interested in principal protection and a life-long income stream.*** Additionally, an annuity can be right for you if you won’t need access to the amount of premium you pay, for some time. Other savings or investment options may be preferable if you may need access to your money sooner.

An annuity may be a good choice for your retirement savings if you have a relatively large amount of money that you want to protect from loss. Smaller amount annuities may not offer a guaranteed* or potential return that offsets costs and fees you will pay.

Top Reasons to Purchase an Annuity


Though they are not FDIC insured, annuities are secured by contract and backed by the legally required reserves carried by insurance companies.


Insurance companies recognize that owners want growth and they offer some attractive rates for their annuity products.

CheckGuaranteed* income.

No concerns each month about how to pay your bills; just go to the mailbox and get your check.


Unlike many financial vehicles available, the interest that you earn on an annuity is not taxed while it grows; your principal and earnings grow tax-deferred until you start withdrawals. Then, only the earnings part is taxed (in a non-qualified annuity).

Like any financial vehicles, annuities can have their pros and cons. Take a look and see what they have to offer. For many owners, annuities offer a secure, guaranteed* monthly income that helps them live a more confident retirement.



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